EXO Jigs - Not Just For Albies & Bonito

EXO Jigs - Not Just For Albies & Bonito

Posted by GAME ON on 17th Jul 2020

EXO Jigs start gaining attention when bonito start arriving and they go into full effect once the first albies (false albacore) show up in New England.  We originally designed the EXO Jigs with false albacore in mind - we wanted to create something that would mimic the baitfish that the hard tails were targeting, but more than that we wanted to create a lure that was extremely durable and could remain in our customers' arsenal year after year.  No more cracked/shattered lures after accidentally coming in contact with a rock or tapping it against the side of the boat.  The EXO Jigs were a huge hit with our customers for false albacore and bonito - but they are also a great option for a wide variety of species all year long.

When targeting bonito and false albacore a typical cast and retrieve method is very effective.  The EXO Jig stays on or near the surface with a slower retrieve and when retrieved more aggressively the lure will skip across the surface.  A steady retrieve works great and if more action is needed, give it a little twitch or jerk to add movement.

Another method is to work the EXO Jigs off the bottom.  As you drift over your targeted spot, open the bail and let the jig drop to the bottom.  Lightly work the EXO Jig up and down, keeping the lure in the "zone" or within a few feet from the bottom.  To switch it up, reel in 10 or 15 feet of line and let then let the lure free fall back down.  Many times the fish will strike as the lure flutters back to the bottom.

EXO Jigs can be used all year long and here are some images of different species you can jig up: