About Our Brand
Game On! was created out of a passion for fishing and a love for being out on the water. Growing up, freshwater fishing was all we knew, and trout fishing was our favorite past time.

As we grew older, we were introduced to the thrill of catching the New England favorite, the Striped Bass. We started our obsession in Northern CT targeting Stripers as they chased baitfish up the CT River in the Spring. This was only the beginning as we soon traveled further south to explore the Long Island Sound in search for larger striped bass and other saltwater species.


After using several products from the popular brands, we decided we wanted to create something different, and we started designing different types of fishing lures and prototypes. At this point, it was still a hobby, and it wasn’t until 2015 when we decided to officially form Game On! LLC and bring our products to market.  We originally started to design our products with a Northeast focus, but we soon learned that there was a need and an interest from other parts of the country and also the world.


Today, Game On! LLC is an innovative lure manufacturer for both saltwater and freshwater species. All of our lures, whether it is one of our jerkbaits, swimbaits or one of our soft plastic fishing lures, they are designed to be fished right out of the package.  


We use quality materials and quality components, so nothing has to be switched.  Our lures work well on a variety of species, and the most common species have been striped bass (stripers), bluefish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, false albacore (albies), snook and redfish.We continue to develop and test new types of lures, colors, and patterns to see which combination will perform the best and catch more fish.