The Funny Fish Are Back

The funny fish are back and it’s time to grab your gear!  False albacore, funny fish, hard tails, and little tunny are all names we hear a lot this time of year as we wait for reports of these little speedsters popping up around southern New England.  Depending where your local fishing waters are will determine when these little tuna will show up.  They haven’t showed up in large numbers just yet, but we are starting to hear more and more reports of false albacore along with bonito showing up in the Cape and RI. False albacore primarily feed on small baitfish and can often be found wherever baitfish congregate: jetties, inlets, and sandbars.

Our EXO Jigs have been very successful at mimicking silversides and sandeels and here are some images of some recent catches with some local false albacore.

false albacore exo jig silver

little tunny exo jig silver

The EXO Jig is our new casting jig with a unique durable EXO-skeleton construction that is shatter resistant compared to other epoxy and resin style jigs. The premium polymer shell provides a natural translucent look with optimal light refraction while adding protection to the lure’s finish.

The balanced weight provides for excellent casting. You can cast this lure from a boat or from shore to reach your target even if you think it’s out of reach. EXO Jigs work great on a variety of fish especially bonito, tuna, and false albacore (albies). The EXO Jigs can be fished right out of the package and have a through-wired construction, heavy duty 65lb split rings, and 4X VMC Hooks. No need to switch out any hardware before you head out on the water.  Pair up the EXO Jig with our Clip On! stainless steel clips for easy lure changing.


Photo Credit:  Patrick O’Donnell

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