Video: How to Rig the Big Occhi

We are often asked what is the best way or how to rig our Big Occhi soft plastic lures.  Kevin Blinkoff from On The Water Magazine shows two different ways to rig a soft plastic stick bait for striped bass.  One of the techniques is to use an offset worm hook, which is shaped like a J hook with a little bend in it.  The offset bend goes into the nose and the hook point will stick through the back of the soft plastic bait as shown in the video.  The goal when rigging is to have the bait sit perfectly straight, without any kinks or bends in the soft plastic fishing lure. This will allow the Big Occhi lure to swim correctly.

Another option to rig the Big Occhi is by using a swimbait hook, either weighted or unweighted.  Depending how deep you want to fish the lure and if you need to additional distance to your cast will determine if you use a weighted or unweighted hook.  Simply screw the tip of the hook into the nose of the soft plastic lure and run the hook point through the belly of the bait and through the back.  The Big Occhi is very versatile and can be fished both weighted or unweighted depending on what your target depth is and how far you need to cast.  The Big Occhi can be rigged several additional ways but these are two very popular choices that work really well.

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