EXO Jig: New Size for 2020 (2.5″ / 0.75 oz)

We have a new size EXO Jig for the 2020 season!  Both the 1 oz and 1.5 oz EXO Jigs were a huge hit in the 2019 season and we added a slightly smaller size for albies and bonito that are targeting smaller bait. These 0.75 oz / 2.5″ EXO Jigs provide the same advantages of increased durability and durable hardware right out of the package and despite their smaller profile, they still cast a mile.

The durable EXO-skeleton construction is shatter resistant (compared to epoxy and resin jigs) and provides a natural translucent look with optimal light refraction that will attract fish and strikes. All of our EXO Jigs can be fished right out of the package and have a through-wired construction, heavy duty 65lb split rings, and 4X VMC Hooks. No need to switch out any hardware before you head out on the water.

Check out the new colors and new sizes and get ready for albie / bonito season – it’s right around the corner!

EXO Jig 2.5 Inch

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